Piezo Ceramic Speakers KHS-105A

Piezo Ceramic Speakers  KHS-105A

Model No.︰KHS-105A

Brand Name︰MORRIS

Country of Origin︰Taiwan, China

Minimum Order︰-

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Specifications︰ 1. No Bulky Magnet Structure permitting the piezo ceramic speakers to be much smaller and much lighter, and reducing the problems associated with size, weight, and stray magnetic fields.

2. No Voice Coil Reliability is greatly improved, since there are no rubbing voice coils from warped cones or from contaminants in the air gap. The low dynamic mass of the drive mechanism gives the piezo ceramic speaker a better transient response than can be obtained with a conventional dynamic speaker.

3. No Crossover Network Since the piezo ceramic speaker rejects low frequency power, a crossover network is usually not required.

4. Long Term Stability New improved drivers used in piezo ceramic speakers are impervious to normal humidity variations, stable to temperatures of 240℉(115℃), and durable under a variety of external shock, vibration and stress conditions. As results of these drivers improve mends, King state piezo ceramic speakers are capable of quality performance as long as these devices are operated within their design specifications.

5. High Impedance Over 1,000 ohms at 1K HZ, and still above 20 ohms at 40K HZ.

6. Low Harmonic Distortion Average harmonic distortion of less than 1% contributes to the delivery of superior sound fidelity.

7. In general, piezo ceramic speakers are used at frequency from 4K HZ to 40K HZ and have a sound pressure level of 95 to 105 dB at 1 meter, 1 watt, 8 ohm load.

Size: 85 x 85 x 70 mm

Export Markets︰ Whole world

Payment Details︰ Bank letter of credit, telegraphic transfer, cash

Min Order︰ 5000 PCS

Ship Date︰ Receives the order form latter in 50 days to deliver