Model No.︰TM-655

Brand Name︰MORRIS

Country of Origin︰Taiwan, China

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Product Description

The “SHOO” generates a high intensity ultrasonic wave which can not be heard by
humans, but can be perceived by other animals when properly used. The ultrasonic elegy,
around 120 dB / 30 cm, is intolerable and causes discomfort to animals. This ear-splitting
racket becomes more severe the closer the animal approaches. To operate (please refer
to figure 1), point the ultrasonic speaker at the approaching dog (or cat) letting him
realize where the discomfort is coming from, press the button on and off continually with
2-3 seconds bursts. Be sure to continue to point the “SHOO” toward the approaching
animals as the wave emission is directional and the output energy is reduced when used
at an angle.

To Use Your “SHOO”
1.Remove battery cover and connect the battery with the proper terminals of battery
2.Push gently until the battery is completely in-side battery cavity, and close battery
3.Press the button. If the unit is operational, the red indicator will light when the button
is pressed. If the indicator does not light, check for proper battery installation or weak
4.Do not press the switch button continuously to prevent overheating of the ultrasonic

Cautions and Warnings
1.Use only when the need arises. Do not use around house pets as these animals usually
accept it as reprimand and causes discomfort to them for no reason.
2.Do not press switch button continuously to prevent overheating of ultrasonic speaker.
3.Do not provoke a dog and then use this device. This is unnecessary and cruel.
4.The unit should not be used by children except with proper adult supervision and
5.Do not place near the ear.
6.Make sure a fully charged or new battery is used.
7.SHOO has an effective range of 20 feet (6 meters).

Battery Information
One 9 V alkaline battery. For best results, use of DURACELL batteries is recommended.
Always check the battery before use by pressing the switch button. If the red indicator
falls to light, check or replace the battery.

Export Markets︰ Whole world

Payment Details︰ Bank letter of credit, telegraphic transfer, cash

Min Order︰ 1,000 Pcs